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Committed to excellent standards of teaching in partnership with a variety of local and national organisations contributing towards system-wide improvement.

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The Library provides an area in the school where all are welcome and where pupils can feel secure and comfortable, in a positive and productive atmosphere.

Pupil Charter

The Library is one of the major resources of the school and the facilities it provides underpin the school’s ethos of ‘every child matters’.

We aim to engender a love of books and enthusiasm for reading so that it becomes a lifelong process.

We will do our best to:

  • Be friendly and helpful
  • Make sure that the library is a pleasant and welcoming place and an oasis of calm
  • Make sure that we provide a range of books and authors
  • Provide you with resources to undertake research for homework
  • Listen to your opinions and suggestions

We ask that you do your best to:

  • Ask for help when needed
  • Use the Library sensibly and responsibly
  • Return/renew books weekly
  • Have all books computer checked before you leave
  • Leave the shelves tidy with books upright
  • Help us by giving us your comments and suggestions

Accelerated Reader the Marston Vale Way

Accelerated Reader


At Marston Vale we use a system which may be familiar to many pupils coming through from First School, called AR (Accelerated Reading).

The AR system comes in two forms; Star Tests and AR Tests.

Star Tests

Every pupil takes a Star Test once a term and the results tell us their reading age and reading level. We record that result in their planner.

The reading level shows us roughly what books each pupil should be reading, and we encourage them to read at their own level or slightly above to ensure they understand what they are reading and are challenged appropriately. 

We have a variety of books in our library with different genres and difficulty levels. Each pupil visits the library regularly and can choose up to two books to take home. They may take books home for at least one week and may choose to renew their book for an additional week if they need more time. We ask that books are returned after two weeks however as many books are very popular and may be wanted by other pupils.

Star tests are repeated every term so that we can monitor progress and support pupils where needed.

AR Tests

Once pupils have completed their book, they should take a quiz. They are able to do this during library lessons or during lunch times when the library is open.

These practice quizzes measure comprehension and have 5, 10 or 20 questions depending on the length and complexity of the book.

To pass, pupils need to achieve 60%. Scores are recorded in their planners. If a quiz is failed they indicate the reason by writing a comment in their planner and a conversation can take place as to how we can help them for next time.

If a pupil scores 100% on their quiz they receive two house points. They also put their name on a coloured star which they give to their form tutor to display in their form room to celebrate their success.

The AR system also records how many words the pupil read in the book that they were quizzed on. Those words are all tallied up and once a pupil reaches one million words, they become a ‘Word Millionaire’. Their name will be displayed on a Word Millionaire board in the library, they receive a certificate in assembly to take home  and another certificate is displayed prominently in the main corridor.

English teachers are able to look at diagnostic reports, which help them to understand pupil progress over the year.

Reading at Home

Reading a book is part of a pupil's English homework and we recommend 20 minutes each day (minimum 3 times a week but ideally every day).

Reading in the Library

All year groups have allocated slots during the week to use the library with their teachers.


The Library is open daily at lunchtime from 13:30. Pupils are welcome to read quietly, change their books and take AR quizzes during these times.

Reading dogs/skills

At Marston, we explicitly teach all pupils reading skills. Pupils will be exposed to the teaching and practising of the reading skills to support their fundamental understanding of texts through the use of questions.. Cross curricular reading is taught across the curriculum ensuring that skills taught in these lessons are applied in other subjects. Below is a picture of our reading dogs. 


Accelerated Book Finder Link

Reading Dogs